Adrian Pearsall for Crafts Associates Gondola Couch/Sofa...Classy. SOLD IN ONE DAY!

Up for sale is a an amazing Craft and Associates by Adrian Pearsall Gondola Sofa. This is one of my favorite pieces designed by Adrian Pearsall.   It has a very strong steel frame with walnut legs and accents and the built-in end tables have Italian travertine marble inserts.  The marble inserts are in excellent condition and all of the wood accents have been professionally refinished.  The fabric is original.  The sofa is over 8 feet long and will make a statement in any home.
This item is available for local pickup. 
Please ask about delivery as I could deliver this curbside to the Chicago area for a reasonable fee.

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  1. Hey, do you mind sharing the price it was sold for?