Gorgeous Mid Century Danish Modern Teak Dining Table and 6 Gorgeous Dining Chairs! SOLD

Danish Modern Teak Table (Made in Denmark) and 6 Dining Chairs
All Recently Recaned.

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  1. Hi - my mom just gave me her Skovmand & Andersen teak table. She also gave me five teak chairs that look very similar to these - they have a slat back as above, but it seems the slat inserts into a top piece. The ones above appear to be one carved piece? I would like to find one or more matched chairs to complete my mom's set, but I don't seem to find any ID on the chairs. Do you have a suggestion as to how I might find them? Also, they are upholstered now, but I love the caning on your chairs. Can that be done on chairs that are currently upholstered? Would you recommend someone near Chicago? I live on far North Side. Finally, the teak, especially the chairs, need some love. The table isn't bad - some wine stains and dried looking spots, but the chairs were in the basement and are dark/blackish in some spots. Is it worth having them professionally refinished - if so, do you have a reco? Or do you have link to a good DIY refinish. If you can help, thank you! The set in your photo is beautiful!!